Neuro and Brain Profiling

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

There is a remarkable behaviour amongst homo sapiens. We spend a lot of time looking outward for ways to improve our mental prowess, driven mainly by increased competition and personal frustration. Courses, masterminds, games – you name it. 

And yet your most unique resource is already inside your head. You own a unique, state of the art, mega-power tool that took 9 months to manufacture called the human brain. The model that you own is truly one of a kind. As unique as your fingerprint. The only limitation is that you, most likely, don’t have an operating manual to explain the construct of your brain and how to make full use all of its features.

Even better news is that you can find out all about your brain through a simple 15 – 20 minute online questionnaire that will be unpacked for you in an hour’s, live, coaching session with a professional, Accredited Practitioner.

Find out how to unlock the Power of your Authentic Brain with the Mind Dynamix Profile instrument (MDPi).

Mind Dynamix

The Mind Dynamix Profile instrument

Mind Dynamix

“Mind Dynamix is a neuroscience principled profiling instrument that plots an individual’s myelinated pathways that underpin default behaviour when in the Integrated Zone, the Expert Zone, and the Stress Zone.” – Dr. Melodie de Jager

Sounds a bit scientific? Well, it is. This is not a pop quiz. The Mind Dynamix Profile instrument is a scientifically formulated profiling instrument, based on the latest advances in neuroscience and the result of a lifetime’s work by Dr. Melodie de Jager, a globally recognised Developmental Specialist and the mind behind the Mind Dynamix brain profiling tool.