Leadership Coaching Intervention

Managers and senior executives often find themselves too busy to take the time off work to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become effective leaders.

Unfortunately, this usually results in off-the-job classroom training being condensed. Training either contains too much information for the manager to absorb in the time available, or vital material is omitted or skimmed over and lost.

The only way to embed leadership training beyond the classroom

The Centre for Leadership & Coaching has adapted its Ownership-driven Leadership training programme into a hybrid, self-learning/coaching intervention.

Key subjects are covered via individual reading and practical assignments backed by a series of short 1 to 2-hour workshops, group discussions, individual and team coaching.

Improve your leadership team’s skills and workplace relations

Create a sense of ownership and responsibility throughout your organisation

Access exclusive tools to inspire high performing teams


Regular meetings will be arranged at least once every two months between the facilitator/coach, managers and the senior managers to whom they report (and HR representative if desired) to discuss:

  • The manager’s progress
  • Learning priorities – the schedule is reasonably flexible and may be adapted to suit the employer’s priorities
  • Workplace Assignments in relation to the manager’s job requirements so they are not overloaded
  • Performance barriers and issues in the workplace that need to be addressed


Customise to your needs. If you have already done aspects of this training, you are free to choose the modules you wish to to cover in the Intervention (see brochure). For example, if you have recently undergone disciplinary training, this subject may be omitted from the curriculum.

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