Mentoring Skills for Professionals

If you are thinking of introducing a mentorship programme into your organisation or looking for mentorship training for your managers, then this is the course for you and your team.

This is a comprehensive learning programme for mentors that covers everything internal mentors need to know and do. This course will also enable you to elevate your team to a higher performance. By understanding your team and enabling their learnings to maximise their potential, strategic goal setting is facilitated. For a high performing team, it is essential for your team to be goal-focused, and collaborate by pooling specialised expertise and complementary skills.  High-performance teams are able to outperform all other similar teams.

This course will also be extremely beneficial to managers and at coaches who wish to become credentialed as a Mentor by COMENSA. This learning programme covers all the basic requirements of mentoring.

Centre for Leadership - Professional Mentoring Skills


Professional mentoring skills for managers
Aimed at Managers and also provides foundational training for internal mentors and mentors wanting to be credentialed by COMENSA.

Mentor preparation for credentialing
Overlaps with the previous modules and is aimed at preparing those mentors who wish to become credentialed by COMENSA.

Programme information

The training is highly interactive while imparting both theory and practical skills. It includes group and individual exercises, role plays, guided discussions, self-analysis, written assignments and formative and summative evaluations in line with COMENSA credentialling methodology. 

Course facilitators are COMENSA credentialled coaches with many years of business experience.

Approved programme

COMENSA is the only SAQA-recognised professional body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa. 

We have partnered with Bruno Bruniquel Coaching who have been awarded COMENSA Training Provider Programme for this course.

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