Concept of Leadership

The purpose of the learning programme is to equip middle and senior managers with the knowledge and skills to succeed in building and leading effective teams in the workplace.

Centre for Leadership - Coaching Skills for HR Practitioners

What you'll learn from this course

Apply problem solving techniques to analyse a situation

  • A variety of creative thinking techniques are analysed in order to determine the best situations in which they would be used
  • Solve real/hypothetical problems using the various techniques, showing the appropriateness of the thinking techniques selected to the problems for which they are chosen

Define a multi-faceted problem in the function

  • The problem is analysed so that a clear perspective is obtained
  • Information regarding the problem is gathered from a variety of sources

Diagnose the source/s or cause/s of the problem

  • Problem solving tools appropriate to the nature of the problem are selected to indicate that consideration has been given to all the available problem-solving tools
  • The tools are applied considering the criteria for the desired state
    Factors influencing the situation are analysed so that the solution is seen in a broader perspective and would therefore require a comprehensive solution

Generate a number of possible solutions and motivate the preferred option

  • Alternatives are analysed using a decision table so that a comprehensive picture emerges of the range of possibilities
  • The advantages/disadvantages of the various possible solutions are analysed for rating against weighted criteria
  • A decision is made based on the results obtained from application of weighted criteria to the data
  • The preferred solution is motivated in terms of the analysis of the problem

Understand and adopt the concept of leadership

  • At least four (4) definitions of leadership are provided and are explained with examples in the workplace
  • The roles and qualities of a leader are explained with examples
  • Leadership and management are defined and differentiated using examples
  • The roles and qualities of a leader are differentiated and compared with those of a manager in a work context
  • The concepts of accountability and responsibility pertaining to a leader and manager are discussed and explained in terms of advantages and disadvantages in the work place

Analyse leadership theories and determine applicability to your situation

  • The various theories of leadership are identified and discussed in a work context
  • Trends and developments relating to the different leadership theories are examined with examples


2 days or bespoke modular options available

Accreditation / CPD

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