Performance and Corrective Coaching for Leaders

Performance coaching is a highly effective technique for improving the performance of your people. Corrective coaching is a method of coaching people who need to improve in a manner that helps them progress within their, consequently improving their performance or behavior.

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What you'll learn from this course

Have an understanding of performance management and talent management systems

  • The concepts of performance management, talent management, performance appraisal and performance coaching are explained
  • The concepts of Best Practices, Benchmarking, Performance Standards and Standard
  • Operating Procedures (SOPs) are explained

Draft/agree on role profiles with team members

  • The organisation structure is examined to ensure that the role adds value, is necessary and contributes to organisational goals
  • A role profile is drafted and is aligned to departmental KPAs, KPIs and organisational objectives and values
  • The team member participates in drafting the role profile and signs off on the completed profile
  • The role profile can be used as the basis for recruitment, job evaluation and grading (separate processes)
  • Performance standards are agreed with the role incumbent, are clear and concise and are documented according to the organisations policies and SOPs
  • The team member takes ownership of the role

Formulate performance standards for a team in a function

  • Performance standards are formulated in relation to the function’s goals, objectives and deliverables
  • Performance standards are clear and concise and specify the activities to be performed
  • Feedback from team members is incorporated into the performance standards to promote the buy-in of team members
  • Performance standards are recorded and documented according to the organisation’s policies and procedures

Agree performance targets with role incumbents

  • Targets agreed are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and are Tracked
  • Targets agreed include both realistic and stretch targets
  • Measures and frequency for tracking and recording the performance of the team member are agreed
  • The team member accepts accountability for his/her performance against agreed targets
  • Provision is made for contingencies
  • The team member completes a Personal Development Plan and works towards achieving the plan during the period of review

Establish systems for monitoring performance

  • A variety of performance monitoring systems are identified and reviewed for possible use in the function
  • The performance monitoring system selected is in line with the organisation’s policies and procedures for performance assessment
  • The performance monitoring system is communicated to team members to promote buy-in
  • The performance monitoring system is set up in accordance with the organisation’s policy and procedures

Conduct Performance Coaching

  • Prepare for regular performance reviews with team members
  • Arrangements are agreed with the team member, including time, place and nature of the review
  • Constructive feedback is given immediately after learning incidents and during formal reviews
  • Questioning and active listening techniques

Conduct corrective coaching

  • Performance is objectively assessed and non-conformance to standards identified
  • The shortfall is pointed out to the role incumbent who is given opportunity to explain
  • The degree of fault/no-fault is determined
  • A performance improvement plan is agreed with the role incumbent
  • In the case of misconduct, counselling is undertaken or a formal warning issued depending upon the seriousness of the incident
  • Where the role incumbent is displaying the signs of a troubled employee, a formal referral via the EAP is arranged in accordance with the employer’s policy
  • In cases of serious misconduct, the matter is handled in terms of the organisation’s disciplinary procedure

Document and record coaching and performance reviews

  • The manager reflects on informal coaching sessions and records key issues including the time and date, what was agreed and a review date
  • Formal Performance Reviews are properly documented and are signed off by both the manager and the role incumbent


2 days or bespoke modular options available

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