High-Performance Team Coaching

Maximise your team’s potential¬†

An elite athlete understands that peak performance is 20% physical / 80% mental conditioning.

Simarly, when dealing with organisations the group tends develop a mind of its own. This is built on trust, value-based culture and ownership. In building high performing teams in the workplace the ‘mental’ component takes on a new dimension with new challenges. For team effectiveness teams need to remain united whilst working towards a common goal.¬†

This facilitation will help overcome  challenges include:

  • Low morale
    Team members who play a support role may not be as motivated as the those driving the business, due to lower recognition or remuneration. This may impact ability to meet deadlines and operate as a cohesive unit.
  • Lack of team cohesiveness
    Research has shown that HR personnel consider as their number one priority teamwork and how to obtain the desired results. Team cohesiveness is often a challenge for an employer if team building activities in parallel to a culture of trust and ownership. Covid-19 has seen an enormous change in how individuals and teams are working, with hybrid and virtual teams compounding this challenge.
Centre for Leadership - Coaching Skills for Managers

Learning outcomes

The knowledge and skills gained will empower managers to:


3x two-day modules and homework

Approved programme